tuelle esthetics


House Policies

  • Pre-appointment instructions are available for review in the online booking system - before the final step to book an appointment. Aftercare instructions will be provided at the end of your appointment

  • As a safety precaution, our studio cannot accommodate children or sit-in guests

  • We allow a 10 minute grace period for late arrivals without notice. Thereafter, your appointment may be cancelled or given away. Services may be customized to remaining appointment time

  • Please contact us at least 6 hours in advance if you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment. Should you cancel your appointment with less than 6 hour notice twice, a $20 non-refundable deposit will be required to reschedule your appointment. This deposit will apply to your scheduled service

  • Tuelle accepts cash, Visa & MasterCard

We kindly ask our guests to inform us of any health conditions, recent eye treatments, medications or other concerns we should be aware of,  prior to requesting an appointment. 

How do you maintain a safe, sanitary environment?

Ensuring our work space and tools are clean and hygienic is of utmost importance. All instruments and stainless steel tools soak in chemosterilant solution using Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide (AHP) technology to achieve chemical sterilization and high level disinfection. Accel is used in healthcare and professional beauty establishments. Private studios provide a more comfortable, quiet, one-on-one experience that guarantees complete disinfection & sterilization between clients as opposed to high volume salons.

Lash Services

Will lash extensions damage my natural eyelashes?

Lash extensions will not damage your natural eyelashes. Your extensions should feel weightless, comfortable and flexible. Untrained technicians and improper application are what causes trauma and damage to eyelash follicles. Our natural eyelashes need to be able to shed independently of each other. At Tuelle, extensions are meticulously applied onto individual eyelashes 1 mm away from the skin, giving it the ability to grow and shed with your natural lashes. This process is what makes extensions safe.  Our lash artists care about the health of your natural lashes and will not promise a “Kim K” look if your natural eyelashes cannot support the length or thickness required. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all style, each lash set is customized to the unique needs of the individual.

Should I get lash extensions or a lash lift?

It depends on the condition of your natural eyelashes, lifestyle & occasion. Lash extensions are highly customized, they can add length & volume to almost any lash line. It's great for special occasions but maintenance is required every 2-3 weeks to maintain your results. A lash lift consists of lifting your natural lashes from the roots, giving you a perfectly uniform curl for 4-6 weeks. It instantly opens & brightens your eyes but do not add volume. Don't worry,  your lashes are not as short as you think, but with regular use of a lash conditioning serum (available online or Sephora), you can definitely add more length & volume to your lash lift! Lash serums can also successfully increase lash extension placement by providing a stronger base when a longer or thicker lash is desired.

I've never had my lashes done before, what should I expect?

Pre-appointment and aftercare instructions will be provided when you book your appointment. For either lash service the most important aftercare to keep in mind is to avoid water & extreme heat (i.e. saunas, steamy showers, sweating) for the first 24 hrs. Lash extensions can definitely help you wake up looking fresh and fabulous but requires a slight change to your makeup routine. We don't recommend wearing eye makeup with your extensions because most make up products are oil-based and will affect the retention of your extensions. If you choose to wear eye make up, please use oil-free make up remover and lots of TLC. You are free to wear mascara & other eye make up after a lash lift. In fact, freshly lifted lashes look amazing with mascara!