tuelle esthetics

Lash Extensions

Classic Set                                                            $100

unlimited silk extensions attached to every natural eyelash. Semi-matte, rich black, flexible and available in a variety of curls, length & thickness to achieve your desired effect

Partial Volume Set                                               $130

up to 50 2D-3D lashes per eye. A mix of classic and volume extensions to achieve a more voluminous look. A perfect medium between services; a touch of je ne sais quoi   

Volume Set                                                           $160

unlimited 2D-4D lashes to achieve a voluminous, dense lash line. Styles are customize-able from natural to falsie-like glam with a subtle eyeliner effect. Volume lashes are strongly recommended for individuals who have a sparse lash line

Classic Refill

11 to 15 days                                                        $55

16 to 21 days                                                        $65

Partial Volume Refill

11 to 15 days                                                        $65

16 to 21 days                                                        $75

Volume Refill

11 to 15 days                                                        $75

16 to 21 days                                                        $85

additional fees apply for refills after 21 days

Unfortunately, we do not offer refills on work from other studios. First-time guests are recommended to schedule a removal and new set

Lash Lift                                                               $75

semi-permanent treatment that lifts and

shapes the natural eyelashes from the roots. Enjoy perfectly curled lashes for 4-6 weeks. Your eyelashes appear longer and eyes instantly brighter. A low maintenance alternative to lash extensions. Waterproof. Minimal aftercare. Wear it with or without mascara

Lash Lift and Tint                                                 $85

a lash lift without the need for mascara

Extension Removal                                              $15

Consultation                                      Complimentary

we all get butterflies when we decide to try something new. Come in for a chat! Get answers to all your questions. We will take a look at your eyelashes and discuss the application procedure, a variety of style options, and your lash goals