One-on-One Private Training


Classic Extension

Specially designed for individuals who are new to the industry, the goal of this course is to share as much relatable content as possible - advice and answers to situations you typically experience as you set up your business, along with tips on how to create full and fluffy but still natural-looking results. Understanding the industry, importance of our tools, the application process and starting your own business is just as crucial as the service itself. We want you to be successful but also enjoy the beauty of lashing. This private 1-on-1 course offers all the attention and focus beginners need. Let us help you get started!

What's Included


One-on-one private training

Comprehensive Guide (60+ pages in length)

Complete Kit


On-going support

Duration: 1 ½  days or 12 hours

Fee: $949

Kit Contents

Training Guide

Lash Extensions Mixed Trays (4)

Pro Lash Adhesive

Stainless Steel Tweezers (2)

Gel Eye Pads


Flocked Tip Applicators 

Mascara Wands

Foam Pump Bottle + Lash Cleanser

Gel Lash Remover

Paper Tape Roll

Lint Free Wipes

Jade Stone

Lash Tile

All trays, adhesive and tweezers are from reputable North American brands. Quality guaranteed.

Topics Covered

1/  Introduction to the industry


Certification Standards

Industry Progress

2/ Service


Customization + Styling

Pre + Post Service Care

Managing Expectations

Liability + Insurance 

3/ Safety + Sanitation

Infection Control

Workplace Hygiene

Lash Artist Health + Hygiene

4/ Anatomy of the Eye


Common Infections

Stages of Lash Growth

5/ Application




Fills + Removal

6/ Business

Addressing Concerns

Record Keeping

Inventory + Retail


Web Design

Social Media Optimization


7/  Lash Kit Explained

Adhesive Knowledge

Brands Knowledge

Lash Tools, Accessories + Equipment

All students are welcome (and encouraged) to revisit for a progress check-in after completion. You will receive 100% support until you are confident and comfortable in the quality of your work. Come in with a second model and practice with further guidance!

Become dual certified! Tuelle certified Classic Lash Artists are eligible for a $50 credit applicable to another certification of their choice.